Meskhenet: Teller-of-things.
Reposted with permission.


Meskhenet: Teller-of-things.

Reposted with permission.


I relate to this so strongly I got a little teary-eyed. 

OMFG it is the utter absolute truth!!!!


Each snake has its own personality, quirks, displays; just like any other animal. And these traits & quirks can manifest in so many aspects of their interactions with you, their surroundings, etc..

These are three examples of some of those “quirks” expressed through the act of drinking.

Aurelius the Ultramel corn snake is the paranoid drinker - very cautious in his approach, barely sticking his snout in to drink and any sign of movement will cause him to pause, watch, retreat, and then return for a longer drink when the “coast is clear”.

Derp the ball python is the dainty drinker - very calm, doesn’t matter if anyones watching he is very graceful in barely touching the water to drink and then periscoping up to finish his little gulps. Very much the gentleman. ;)

And then you have…

Jumani the pewter corn snake the unlady-like drinker - she likes to watch the water be poured into her bowl and then will completely plow into her bowl submerging herself to drink, coming up for air & going back down till satiated. Then coming out of her bowl dripping wet. Messy messy little miss!

Do any of your snakes have odd drinking habits? Quirks?




And like it or not, more and more women are gamers, just like you and I. So instead of completely dismissing their concerns, maybe, just maybe, take a little more time to listen to what they feel, why they feel they’ve been mostly marginalized in games.

I look forward to games that take more time building their female personalities, rather than just using them as tools or helpers that throw you things, and you should too. Because frankly, that’s gonna lead to
more interesting stories, opportunities and new experiences.

And honestly, guys, we’re
gonna have our stripper mini-games and our princess-savers, so why not campaign alongside them to see more mature games rise for everyone else as well?

Video game reviewer Angry Joe giving his rant about the response to Anita Sarkeesian’s videos discussing female tropes in video games. [ x ]

Right on the fucking ball!

"So take a breather and realise it’s perfectly fine for women to ask questions - to criticise pointless and exploitative material, and to look forward to more games that elevate their gender, women, to more than goals or objects to be won or saved, and into legitimate heroes in their own right.

And, after all that, if you still don’t get it, bro, and you think she should die and every feminist with her - it’s because, number one, you’re a fucking idiot. Number two, you couldn’t give a shit about anyone but yourself. And, number three, outside your mother, you’ve never had to actually care about what other women think or feel.”

I found his little speech to be incredibly motivating and well spoken. I really like and respect the man, so this made me like him and respect him even more.



i read that as lions





remember who you are


TFK ambassadors wearing ثوب

Models :

- Fernando Sippel
- Thiago Rebeiro Da Silva
- Marlon Di Gregori





Boost - New Vampire Novel

Hey All!

A Dear friend of mine just published her first book that I’d like to share with the multitude of Dracula fans out there, both historical & fictitious!

M.H. Bryan an avid writer who has been studying up on all things Dracula since she was 15, culminating all of this into an epic vampiric tale. This is not a Mary-Sue over-romanticized sparkley vampire we’re talking about. But a Christopher Lee worthy - cold, heartless, monsterous vampire. Blending both factual information from the life of this dark prince of Wallachia, and the more fictitious Lore/Bram Stoker/Hammer Films variants.

Others might know this dear friend as Christine M. Greenleaf - her  Fanfiction.net handle.


Which is where she is known for her stellar tales often involving the dastardly duo, the Clown Prince & Princess of Crime - Harley Quinn & Joker from Batman. Her style is similar in mind of Frank Miller - so if you’d like to get a taste of her gritty, dark, very detailed, but exceptionally well paced writing - before tackling her take on the Prince of Darkness, I say go for it!